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  • Professional and complete repair all types of clocks (wall clock, mantel clock, grandfather clocks), watches (wrist and pocket), alarm clocks as well as other unusual timepieces.

  • Restoration of all parts: cases, faces, hands, as well as other decorative elements.

  • Professional maintenance and inspection

  • Manufacturing of missing parts



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  • Work and Passion

I've been a watchmaker since 1962; working in my profession for over 48 years. I specialize in repairs and renovations of all kinds of watches and clocks, including antique clocks and watches and I am also an expert at restoring and fixing grandfather clocks.
My work is my passion. For many years I have done complex and complete repairs and restorations of a multitude of antique clocks. I am often asked to restore clocks that other watchmakers are not able to or can not fix or restore.

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Custom Parts

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Pocket Watch Repair